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Mains Water Cooler
This mains pressure, drain free water cooler provides a cost effective supply of Hot and Cold water without the hassle of storing and changing spring water bottles.
Stainless steel cooling reservoir.
Accommodates a variety of water purifiers.

Bottled Water Cooler
This bottled spring water cooler features a smooth impact resistant cabinet.

Available in Cool & Cold or Hot & Cold.
5 litres per hour cooling performance.
Child resistant safety tap for hot water units.
Includes no-spill-kit
Kitchen Water Cooler
This combined over the sink unit provides filtered chilled and boiling water. This energy efficient water  system comes in three sizes.

Optional internal filters 
Temperature adjustable
Boil dry protection
For repairs, service, advice on water coolers, or to order bottled spring water.  Call us or complete the form below.
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The Springfield Water Cooler Guarantee

Springfield Natural Resources are office water cooler specialists.  Whether it is spring water, bottled water or continuous supply filtered water coolers and water heaters, Springfield guarantees to provide you with the best quality water and fast flexible service at very competitive prices.
We have a large selection of water coolers and water filters and a uniquely flexible service program that will accommodate your business growth and/or seasonal changes. 
Many companies like bottled water while others prefer a continuous supply from a filtered water cooler and heater connected to the mains water supply.  We can advise you on the most cost efficient water cooler or bottled water system for your situation, so call us for an obligation free assessment of your office water cooler needs.

Call us  02 9114 5812